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About Parsian Bours

Parsian bours is a financial services company offering investment management and visory services. Parsianbours portfolio management of investment entities responsible in Tehran stock exchange. Parsianbours focus is on Iran and we have been operating out of Tehran since 2007. Our team on the ground across the group now consists of over 15 professionals.
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Investment Management

The stock market is always danger lurking crop stock investors to the same company with the benefit of professionals and trained capital leads you towards the most profitable business Management of investment activity on the exchange’s decision to buy, sell or hold securities called by certain investors to earn a profit for the investor.
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Advisory Services

Our expertise in the local market, as well as our in-depth understanding of the international financial and business environment has given us the core competence to become reputable advisors. The diverse background of our team enables us to blend a broad range of knowledge across several ...

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