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Investment Management The stock market is always danger lurking crop stock investors to the same company with the benefit of professionals and trained capital leads you towards the most profitable business
Management of investment activity on the exchange’s decision to buy, sell or hold securities called by certain investors to earn a profit for the investor. The service for natural and legal persons who are willing to invest in the capital market can be a safe and low-risk. The company is able to scientific team with a record in the target has invested in time to the highest level to reach profitability.
Advisory Services Our expertise in the local market, as well as our in-depth understanding of the international financial and business environment has given us the core competence to become reputable advisors.
The diverse background of our team enables us to blend a broad range of knowledge across several industry sectors, with the ability to structure and execute complex cross border and domestic transactions for financial and strategic investors.
Principle Investments The Principal Investment division will act as a proprietary, multi-strategy investment arm within parsian bours. Investments will be made in both short to medium term liquid funds, as well as long term direct strategic holdings. The division's main objective is to enhance parsian bours is shareholder value by actively investing the Company’s proprietary capital in a diversified portfolio across multiple asset classes with a focus on long term capital appreciation
Transaction Advisory Successful Implementation and execution of Projects & Transactions can present an array of unique complexities as there are specific challenges involved in creating the appropriate structures to manage risks effectively.
Economists, engineers, lawyers, accountants and finance specialists all need to work together to ensure that a transaction achieves its objectives.
One of parsian bours core competencies is the ability to pool resources from various disciplines and engage with the client at the early stages of the idea inception to identify the areas of concern and manage the transaction throughout the process of valuations, negotiations of contracts and the approach to financiers.

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